Offshore Services

24shore is a member of the XELLZ Group of companies

Project Management

Using the right tool means that our customers will have full transparent management and control during the project life cycle.

Cable Storage + Handling

24shore Cable provides an integrated range of cable solutions. Carousel equipment rental, storage, handling, transport, transshipment, and related engineering

Transport Solutions

Transport solutions, being this for marine or surface transport solutions. The ReelFrame™ is a patented XELLZ group of company solution.


We have bundled our expertise from the offshore sector to offer our customers the best services and experience.

Project Logistics management and operations

The Project Logistics Control Centre (PLCC) has been designed on the back of our IT platform that has been developed in-house and has unique characteristics to handle complex projects.

The PLCC is where all communication, documents, video and photo evidence, contracts, sub-contracts, track & tracing information, goods information such as packing lists, charter information, inspections reports, and this is the central place for all activities.

We are driven by values

At 24shore e are driven by the notion that logistics in projects can be value-driven and do not need to be seen as a cost, rather than part of the production process. By innovation, we are able to lower not only the cost of projects, which is great, but also looking at the environment and lowering the Co2 footprint significantly.

Production and supply chain processes are not on their own. They are a vital part of the entire production and or installation process and therefore need to be seen as the integrated part of the process rather than external services.

Storage of submarine cables for short or long durations requires a suitable and functional storage system meeting the cable specifications. Modern middle- and high-voltage power cables, as used in offshore wind farms, are to be handled within specific parameters. These parameters include minimum bending radius, allowable tension, stress, and bending.

24shore has developed a new way for transporting onshore HV cables whereby the goal has been:

  • Increase the cable length on a single drum for transport.
  • Loading & offloading of the drum without the use of mobile cranes which means…
  • CO2 reduction of 45%+ on the logistics side of the project


Let us work on
your next project

Our team has decades of experience and expertise and that combined with our processes and IT platform, we will amaze you and bring your project to a successful closure.