24shore Cable a fact

It has been in the making for a while but we are excited to announce that 24shore has launched a new service for the offshore and onshore energy industry.

As of July 1st 24shore will start selling the services of offshore renewable energy cable storage & handling from its new locations in the Netherlands (2 locations) and Ireland (3 locations) where we will offer the complete services of load-out with our modern and well maintained fleet of cable equipment as well as experience team for load-out operations and coiling.

Baskets of different size and capacities as well as load-out equipment is available and ready to be deployed to any of our locations for storage.

Besides the offshore cable storage & handling, 24shore has combined the XELLZ Solutions’ onshore High Voltage (HV) cable transport solution, the ReelFrame™, which will be ready for use towards end of 2021, will revolutionize the transport of HV cable drums whereby reducing loading and offloading operations (no more mobile cranes on site) and reduce the overall transport carbon footprint with over 45%

The new service is being marketed as: