The ReelFrame received Patent

The ReelFrame has been created from the problem that large and heavy cable drums are difficult to transport and take lots of resources. With drums of up to 100 tons in weight and transport to remote and often small job-sites where lifting is not an option.

Conventional transport methods are too wide at their base and require the trailer combinations to stay idle at the job-sites for unwinding operations. The ReelFrame has solved this issue and when delivered does not need lifting operations and does not require for the trailer combinations to remain on site, thus releasing it to perform other transports.

Because of reducing operations and eliminating cranes to be deployed for lifting operations, the ReelFrame has created a Co2 reduction of over 42%.

The ReelFrame has been developed by XELLZ Solution BV in partnership with HICE BV.

Dutch logistics group adds more land for Irish wind base

Dutch logistics company Xellz has acquired additional land at the port of Rosslare in Ireland for its planned offshore wind hub.

Xellz said a further 100,000 square metres has been added to the 200,000 square metres it had secured previously at the port.

“The decision to obtain this new land has also progressed plans to create a ‘free zone’ at Rosslare Europort and the Europort business park,” the company said.

It added that following last week’s announcement by Iarnrod Eireann that Rosslare Europort is to undergo a major transformation with a €30m investment, Xellz intends to secure the port’s position as a competitive offshore wind hub by developing a free zone.

Free zones are secured customs areas within the EU where non-EU goods can be introduced free of import duties, charges and commercial policy measures, the company said.

These goods may, following time in the free zones, be released to the domestic market subject to payment of import duties and other charges, it added.

Through its offshore services subsidiary 24shore SBS (Supply Base Services) and Xellz Ireland, the company will establish an offshore wind supply base to serve and support future offshore wind farms.

The business park will offer storage and assembly areas to manage turbines, transition pieces and mobilisation equipment.

There will also be areas for companies providing maintenance, operational and repair services.

The space will also house a new training facility for the renewable industry.

24shore Ireland chief strategy officer Phonsey Croke said: “This gives companies who locate in the Rosslare Europort business park free zone the ability to operate and install offshore wind farms in a cost-effective and competitive manner.

“There are many offshore wind farms to be installed and operated in Ireland, UK, and across the continent and having a Free Zone will help ease the flow of goods and keep projects moving.”

Xellz Ireland chief executive Finbarr Cleary said: “We are committed to making the Rosslare development a national success story.

“The support we have received from the wider community, industry associations, local and national government and independent agencies has been really encouraging.

“The south-east of Ireland is set to become an area of international commercial activity as well as an operations & maintenance centre of excellence for many industries.”

24shore Cable a fact

It has been in the making for a while but we are excited to announce that 24shore has launched a new service for the offshore and onshore energy industry.

As of July 1st 24shore will start selling the services of offshore renewable energy cable storage & handling from its new locations in the Netherlands (2 locations) and Ireland (3 locations) where we will offer the complete services of load-out with our modern and well maintained fleet of cable equipment as well as experience team for load-out operations and coiling.

Baskets of different size and capacities as well as load-out equipment is available and ready to be deployed to any of our locations for storage.

Besides the offshore cable storage & handling, 24shore has combined the XELLZ Solutions’ onshore High Voltage (HV) cable transport solution, the ReelFrame™, which will be ready for use towards end of 2021, will revolutionize the transport of HV cable drums whereby reducing loading and offloading operations (no more mobile cranes on site) and reduce the overall transport carbon footprint with over 45%

The new service is being marketed as: