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About Us

Our Story

24shore has started as the offshore division of the XELLZ group of companies

With increasing activities in the offshore and renewable sector, XELLZ decided it would be best to concentrate their expertise in this field within the new entity 24shore B.V. While this happened in 2020, the same year we opened 24shore SBS Ltd. in Ireland. 24shore has now become one of the verticals of XELLZ.

We are driven by values

At 24shore e are driven by the notion that logistics in projects can be value-driven and do not need to be seen as a cost, rather than part of the production process. By innovation, we are able to lower not only the cost of projects, which is great, but also looking at the environment and lowering the Co2 footprint significantly.

Production and supply chain processes are not on their own. They are a vital part of the entire production and or installation process and therefore need to be seen as the integrated part of the process rather than external services.

High Efficient

Through our high level of Information Technology and efficiency-driven processes, 24shore is able to maintain 100% during the project lifecycle.


Committed to deliver the best result in any project no matter the size or complexity.

Experienced Team

By making use of our experienced team of people the project at hand is being handled in the best possible manner.