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Cable Storage Equipment


Storage of submarine cables for short or long durations require a suitable and functional storage system meeting the cable specifications. Modern middle- and high-voltage power cables, as for example used in the offshore wind farms, are to be handled within specific parameters. These parameters include minimum bending radius, allowable tension, stress and bending.

There are two types of storage of power cables, onshore or offshore (on a vessel for transport or installation). The first is a carousel or turntable, which can be considered as a rotating tank of certain diameter in which the cable is spooled. The second is a static coil, a static non-rotating tank in which the cable is coiled. The choice between the two methods is depended on the type of cable, whereas the carousel is a more complex and expensive solution.

24shore Cable, has experience acquiring cable handling equipment and has developed a perfectly working system for cable storage and transport. The Modular Onshore Storage Turntable (MOST) is a modular system that, due to its dimensions, can be transported by sea or road to any location around the world for rapid re-assembly on site.